Tripe in Tomato Sauce

Tripe in Tomato Sauce

04/21/09 | by alvaro [mail] | Categories: Meals

I love tripe. The flavor and texture are both acquired, but it’s not as over the top as most people think. Sauce covered dishes like this are probably the easiest to pallet for newcomers to the cow’s second stomach.

In this case I just cut the tripe up into little 1 cm X 5 cm strips. I boiled it in water for 30 min, discarded the water and boiled it for another 30. It was still really tough, but after simmering for another hour or so in the sauce, it’s now silky smooth and soft.

In short:
cut tripe into strips
boil tripe for 30 min or so
discard water and boil for another 30
Simmer in your favorite sauce.


I think this will be a perfect midnight snack paired with some scotch!



Boil the tripe outside! I have a burner that I use outside for when I make all sorts of great stuff that happens to be really stinky. Some describe the smell of boiling stomach as horrid or vile. It’s not so bad - makes me hungry for tripe to tell you the truth, but it’s a smell best left outside the home!



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