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Alvaro & Alison

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The Mastercam editor leaves much to be desired when editing posts. A programmer's text editor that has highlighting, strong search capabilities and advanced editing functions would be much nicer.
JEdit is an open source editor that is perfect for editing Mastercam posts. It is very configurable so mastercam variables and operators can be set to highlight. It's features are endless, and many plugg-ins are availible.

Features perfect for posts:

Syntax Highlighting
Keyword Highlighting
Hyper Search
Block Selecting
Compare Plug-In (Picture)

The Configuration Files

I have extracted all the mastercam variables from the Mastercam X editor setup files and made one for JEdit. Two files are nessesary, a mode description file and an updated catalog file to point .pst files to use the mastercam_pst mode.
You must place these two files in the modes directory. There are two of these locations, one is in the program files folder and the other is in your home folder. You can use either location, but if you want everyone to have access to the mode, place it in the program files folder.

Directions to install for everyone to use:

Put the mastercam_pst.xml file in the following directory:
C:\Program Files\jEdit\modes <-- do not put the catalog file in this area, you must manually append it!. DO NOT REPLACE!

All one has to do is open the catalog file, and append the following line to it:
<MODE NAME="Mastercam Post" FILE="mastercam_pst.xml" FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.pst" />
Mastercam Mode File+Catalog File <-- the catalog file is in here. Do not install it in this directory.


Directions to install for the current user only (RECOMMENDED):

Place the mastercam_pst.xml and catalog file in this directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\.jedit\modes

Mastercam Mode File+Catalog File <--extract this file in the following directory: C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\.jedit\modes

Directions on how to fix a broken install if you overwrote the original catalog file in the C:\Program Files\jEdit\modes directory:

Original Catalog File <-- download this in case you overwrote your catalog file in the C:\Program Files\jEdit\modes folder.
the file is named catalog.original, rename it catalog and overwrite the bad file.


Download JEdit Here: