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Mazatrol M2
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This page will chronicle the implementation of a Mazatrol post processor.
In order to produce conversational code (not ISO G-Code) a special post processor must be used. CAMAIX has developed an awesome post that takes Mastercam toolpaths and makes conversational code. Once the code is written it must be uploaded to the Mazatrol with specific DNC software. CIMCO makes a great product called DNC-Max that has the ability to support the Mazatrol protocol.


CAMAIX Mazatrol Post


2008-01-01: DNC Communications setup.

It was incredibly easy to set up DNC-Max. it has two components a DNC server and a Client. Since I didn't want to deal with the unknowns of using a USB to serial converter on my modern laptop, I opted to use my trusty IBM 600e to use as the server. I threw on DNC-Max, and I must admit setup was a breeze. I selected the Mazatrol protocol, then the M2 controller from a list and then quickly downloaded a program with the client running on 600e. Uploading worked right out of the box also. No parameters needed to be fiddled with!

Now that the server was up and running I opted to take it to the next level by setting up a wireless network right next to the machine. Luckily I had a spare wireless router in my trunk. I hooked everything up as pictured bellow. The DNC cable gets hooked up to the portwith the cassette tape icon, not the paper tape.

DNC Server

I loaded the DNC-Max client on my work PC and fired it up, but it did not see the server. Most programs that work like this need to have an IP address, and not being connected to a DHCP server, neither compuper had an address. Opening up TCP/IP config solved that issue and allowed my PC to see the server.


Now we can run Mastercam from anywhere in the shop, post a program and wirelessly transfer it to the Mazatrol. No need to walk around with usb sticks or floppys etc.
I was really impressed with the quality of DNC-Max, it allows for effortless communications to and from the controller.

2008-01-02: Mazatrol Post Setup

The Mazatrol post processor in Mastercam simplifies Mazatrol programing when geometries are complex or abundant. For example, hundreds of holes can be spoted, drilled and tapped in one mastercam operation and then exported to native Mazatrol conversational program!
The mastercam post processor is first installed by your dealer. It has a custom c-hook that emulates functions of the Mazatrol. When the code is posted, a human readable mazatrol parameters page is output as well as the binary mazatrol conversational program.

Mastercam Programing:
Mastercam Program

Conversational programming is done right in Mastercam with traditional drilling, contouring and pocketing toolpaths. Up to 999 lines of 3D mazatrol line code can also be output to the conversational file. Generic G-Code produced by the G-Code Mazak post processor is generally used for 3D programing.Conventional G-Code is also the only way of programming toolpaths larger than 999 lines.

Program backplot on the Mazatrol:
Mazatrol Backplot