6-8 Axis Educational Robot  
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2009 06 04

The Old SST The uPrint The FDM 400

2009 06 02

The Old SST The uPrint The FDM 400
Printed Parts Final Solidworks Assembly Gecko 540

2009 05 28

The Old SST The uPrint The FDM 400
Printed Parts Final Solidworks Assembly Gecko 540

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This page will chronicle the progress of the desktop robot project
The scope of this project is to build a robot that can be used for demonstrating the flexibility of Robots in the manufacturing arena..


Basic Structure: The robot will be primarily built with ABS plastics parts that are built on a Dimension 1200ES. The added strength of the ES material and large build envelope of the 1200 make these parts ideal candidates.
Controler: EMC2 Running under Ubuntu Linux
Drives: Two sets of Gecko 540s for a total of 8 possible simultaneous axes.
Modeling Software: Solidworks 2009
Robot Programming Software: Mastercam X3 + Robotmaster


November 30, 2008: Joints 1 and 2 complete. 3 is in progress. Only 3.5 more to go!
December 13, 2008: Joint 4 roughed out including drive shaft (not shown)
December 18, 2008: Internals of belt reduction box complete
February 18, 2009: Robot lengthened to fit on Fortus FDM Machines. Worm Drives and slip clutches added.
February 19, 2009: J1-J4 limit switches added.
February 20, 2009: J5 + J6 added. Limit switch for J6 in place.
April 24, 2009: Redesign of J5 and J6.
April 25, 2009: All limit switch mountings done. End of arm tooling complete. Final design complete. Ready for printing..
April 26, 2009: Final bolts added. Ready for Robotmaster machine simulator to be built.
April 28, 2009: J1, J2 and the Base are done printing. Robot platform design complete.
June 2, 2009: Assembly Complete. Wiring complete. Mach3 setup Complete.
June 4, 2009: Re-assembly with 4 more FORTUS specific materials. Movie uploaded.


Geckodrive Motion Controls