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AGIE 123 (Updated 2010 - m09 - d03)

The AGIE 123 is quite different than any other control, and requires that very specific requirements be met. Please check out this great page for info on the AGIE's code requirements and quirks.

The main purpose of this page is to inform Mastercam users of the nature of the AGIE control and to further develop the AGIE .GEO+.JOB post processor. This post processor will output a GEO file as well as its corresponding JOB file.

Why do we need a JOB file?
We don't necessarily need a JOB file, since the operator can create one from a template, but it makes things much easier and adds power to Mastercam if one is automatically output. The JOB file controls the current technology used as well as the, taper, height offset and cutter compensation direction. Having a JOB file will allow Master cam to output a file that can have multiple technologies, tapers, heights and compensation directions.

The table bellow lists the options available from the JOB file as per cam-1's page, and what this post aims at supporting.

Job File Functions
Technology file(s) to be used different technologies per pass - (controlled in wire power pass comment) supported
Geometry file to be used. supports one GEO file supported
The taper values if necessary Tested.  CNC ANG MIR supported also. supported
Z heights (H1/bottom, H2/land, H3/top) Tested. Multiple sets of height and land values supported. supported
Special offsets (negative) Not necessary, post uses HOL CCW, HOL CW instead N/A
Die face up or down / land top or bottom fully supported.  CNC ANG MIR command also supported. supported
Offset direction for contouring Will take master cam left/right CC directions and output them to JOB file. supported
Fast Positioning moves in JOB file supported currently turned off if downloadable post. User can switch on. supported
mirror image rotation. not planned - but can be in a transform operation not supported

Instructions on using this post processor:

There are two methods that can be used to program the AGIE with this post processor -
1 - Compensation in the AGIE control
2 - Compensation in Master cam

Method 1 (control compensation):
This is the pickiest method. In order to write a good program, you must first make sure there are no internal sharps or radiuses smaller than the radius of the wire being used. The job file will contain the correct D offset register. The correct overburn need not be specified in master cam, but if it is it will backplot correctly.

PITFALL: the total offset of any pass must not be more than the wire radius. If it is, the offset pass will become sharp. This will make a fishtail motion on the AGIE. Other programs like the antiquated SF CAM, will automatically make new Geometry with a larger radius! Master cam will actually do this (add radius in the corners dialog box), but only when using computer compensation. Se method 2 for a more robust programming procedure.

Method 2 (computer compensation):
This is the most versatile method. Traditional AGIE procedures need not be followed since master cam is doing the compensation! D00 is always output in the GEO file, and the wire will not compensate to the right or left. The operator is free to program any way master cam will let you. The only down side to this method is that the operator will not see the outline of the final geometry on the control.

Bellow is a timed post processor for Mastercam X4 that will run on any sim. After the time runs out a new updated version will be posted.
please contact for any changes or customization that you may require. .

Current Issues: NONE.  This post is now fully functional.  

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